TAPA (Amersham) & TAPAWEST (Cardiff)

The purpose of The Amersham Pensioners’ Association (TAPA) is to provide for members and their guests the means of
social recreation and communication by producing newsletters, arranging social, travel and other related activities.
The main body of the group is based in the Amersham area and we have a Western Branch based in Cardiff (TAPAWEST).

Essentially anyone who used to work for The Radiochemical Centre, Amersham International or its subsidiaries or related
companies (through acquisition) and is over 50 is eligible to join us. We have a varied events programme, at each of our bases.

Members may join in and participate in either or both programmes and are more than welcome to bring along family and friends as guests.

e-mail for an activities update.

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The Amersham Pensioners' Association is an Independent Association
and also a Member of the Friendship Centre Federation