ARPSki - the ARP050 Ski Club

An association of retired persons - and over 50's - who enjoy skiing together.

Arpski is a Special Interest Group (SIG)of the former ARP 050 organisation and we have just concluded our tenth year of organising ski holidays for the 'over fifties'. We are an unusual SIG in that we only meet in the early part of the year - when there is snow to ski upon!

Our raison d'etre
Some of our Club members have skied for many years, as young couples or singles, and now, as 'over fifties', want to ski at a more leisurely place, others believed that the pleasure of skiing was over for them due to the infirmity of one partner or loss of ski friends. The Club provides the opportunity to ski again, in an atmosphere of friendship and companionship.

Our activities
The Club organises and enjoys group ski holidays, mainly in Europe - although we have been to North America. We use catered Chalets and hotels and try to arrange a group size to occupy the accommodation completely. We organise about six holidays each year - totalling about 120 holiday places altogether, and this number seems to be our norm over recent years. Each holiday covers a week. In the day time at the resort we break into different ability groups, or groups of friends together, or those with different aspirations for the day, and all in all have a great time together. We enjoy lots of beautiful mountain scenery, and some challenges (yes, at 50+!). In the evening we enjoy friendships over good food. Our holidays seem to be characterised by the general laughter that starts at breakfast and continues for the whole day and then the week.

Membership - do you want to join us?
We are open to new members and would welcome them - the ski standard does not have to be advanced. If you can ski reasonably well and safely then you are welcome; its just the 'never done it before' that we cannot accommodate and that's because of safety and the effect on the enjoyment of the rest. If you are one of these then do go to the dry slope first until you are competent - then join us.

What's in a name?
Well we still want to be "an association of retired people and over 50s" - who enjoy skiing together - , some of us are retired and others are still working whatever their age, however we are all over 50, so the Club retains its name ARPski or the arp050 Ski Club. The future really is exciting for those of mature years!

Geoffrey Peterson,

Our 2015 Programme .... more

Plans for the new 2016 season are currently being formulated.

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Full details of the 2015 holidays will appear in our Club news letter.

ArpSki is a Special Interest Group and a Member of the Friendship Centre Federation

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